An OTT Platform Must:

Integrate All Devices – Support for NSP’s existing legacy devices while facilitating any experience, optimized for any device, as soon as it comes to market.

Be Impenetrable – Protect the value-added content while making it available to multiple devices in multiple locations.

Facilitate Scale – Meet the needs of any sized service provider while reducing TCO per subscriber.

Deliver a Pristine User Experience – A personalized user experience with relevant content for the subscriber.

A quality overall OTT platform will have several elements to deliver your service:


  • Provide advanced encoding processes and custom encryption/compression so an NSP can maximize bandwidth.
  • Facilitate live events and distribute them anywhere, to any device
  • Provide highly reliable video transmission services supported by automated redundancy schemes, extensive monitoring, and other preventative processes, as well as geographic locations.


Your orchestration platform must be modular, multi-tenanted, and able to handle work­flows across the media spectrum.  It should ensure no single point of failure and be able to scale both on-premise and in the cloud to ensure it can handle even the most demanding of throughput.


Your CDN (content delivery network) should provide the video player, the back-end content, supplier rights management system, user authentication, and digital rights management for security. Latency for the user must be very low; no user wants to wait.


An integration partner must have the resources and know-how to bring many moving parts together into one seamless offering.  Whether creating a new system or leveraging a current system, integration is paramount.

Once a platform is selected, a go-to-market strategy will need to consider:

Discovery – Making it effortless for the subscriber to discover and enjoy relevant content. Most notably that the content should find the subscriber and not vice-versa. Additionally, it should be available in formats optimized for all screens offering the best possible viewing experience on any device.

Targeting – Mining the Big Data to better understand subscribers to sell services and personalize the viewing experience for different user segments.

Simplification – Making it easy to opt-in or out of a service, so that users can pay for what they like and access any type of content, at any time, on any network.

Select Your Player (in the home)

Empowered by next-generation video delivery infrastructures, pay TV operators will be able to deliver a responsive and personalized experience across a variety of devices, accelerate time-to-market for new services, and create new revenue opportunities while reducing both capital and operational expenses.

Below we examine some of the elements and benefits associated with this transition highlighting different home platform options.

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Flexibility to differentiate
  • Continuous innovation
  • App and Developer Ecosystem
  • Provides full transparency into the source code, allowing vendors to efficiently collaborate on the project.
  • Facilitates new feature development on a personalized timeline
  • Provides innovation at the application and services layer.
  • Frequent and robust releases, and tools to improve product development velocity.
  • Applications that add value
  • Integrated, highly relevant search results and recommendations
  • A high level of personalization based on predicted behavior and user-provided details
  • Intuitive mobile experiences that are consistent and centered around the user
  • An enriched experience and more opportunities for engagement available with comprehensive entertainment metadata
  • Immediately cost-effective
  • Premium user experience
  • Open-source to facilitate innovation
  • Portfolio of software solutions based on proven TV middleware already deployed