At Technicolor we think beyond the box – uniting the latest technology with cutting-edge design to transform set-tops into something special.

Branding Opportunity

Technicolor transforms set-tops into branding opportunities through our ability to create devices in every shape possible. Imagine a spherical set-top designed to look like a ball and emblazoned with the logo of your favorite sports team, or a set-top in the shape of a lightsaber for all the ‘number one’ Star Wars fans out there. The only limit is your imagination.

Product benefits

  • Flexible and creative design possibilities
  • Opportunity to leverage flexible form factor for brand promotion
  • Wireless delivery of video
  • Power and HDMI only
Eliminate Unnecessary Wires

Technicolor enables your customers to eliminate unnecessary wires by providing power and video over one cable that connects to the set-top box. Instead of having to connect multiple cables to the set-top (power, coax, Ethernet), all these cables connect to an enhanced power brick that can be placed behind a cabinet or display. This configuration allows one cable to carry power and video content into the set-top, reducing the number visible cables.

Product benefits

  • Ensures maximum flexibility for device placement
  • Eliminates unsightly cables
  • Power, Ethernet, coax on wall unit
  • Small footprint
Set-tops That Match Your Décor

Imagine a set-top with the power to deliver the best video experiences to devices throughout the home – but that’s hidden in plain sight. Technicolor leverages design to make this possible, taking the set-top beyond the expected and transforming it into esthetically pleasing items that blend with the décor of your home.

Product benefits

  • Aesthetically appealing to match your decor
  • Full set-top / media gateway capabilities
  • DVR functionality
  • Small footprint
Form and Function

Technicolor has the ability to create set-tops that deliver unrivalled performance and functional benefits at the same time.

Product benefits

  • Blend furniture as a device
  • Form AND function
  • Innovative, not obtrusive
  • Placement to maximize wireless connection